Have you ever heard of the BACtrack Skyn? A company out of San Francisco, California called BACtrack® has come out with a sleek real-time alcohol monitor. With their sleek wristband design that measures the contents of alcohol in your body through the skin. These devices offer an alternative of having to use the older, more expensive ways of tracking alcohol content. BACtrack® is a leader in personal and professional breathalyzers. With their efforts, they’re transforming the way people look at breathalyzers.


Integration into Modern Trends


BAKtrack® knows that nobody wants to walk around with a clunky alcohol monitor. Portable breathalyzers are often not easily portable, and can provide sporadic results. With their ingenuity, they’ve eliminated both issues. Their standalone wristband device keeps real-time track of your alcohol content through your skin. Extremities of alcohol excrete through your pores as you continue to drink. BACtrack Skyn continuously updates as you continue to intake more alcohol. They’ve also integrated this wristband into Apple Watch technology. The wristband is easily attached and you can keep track of your alcohol content by just the twist of the wrist.


Benefits of the BACtrack Skyn


The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism won the BACtrack Skyn Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge. It was a $200,000 first prize and was awarded for no small feat. This device is capable of Bluetooth technology. So, you don’t have to mess with the device at all. Take a look at your phone and you see your alcohol content. The Apple Watch integration makes this device very interesting. BACtrack® is transforming the old, expensive and clunky equipment with new ideas. Not only does this device make a discreet option for alcohol monitoring, but it is actually cheaper than your traditional options. Monitoring capabilities within the device use a similar fuel cell technology to law enforcement’s current roadside options.