Ever seen the movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? If so, then you probably remember a lot of the cool technology they would randomly pull out throughout the movie. One in particular, allowed for real time language translation. Well, this is no longer a sci-fi fantasy. The Babel – Fish Earbuds are a new technology that consists of a headset that connects to a Bluetooth device like a phone.


Sorry, I Don’t Speak English


Language barriers are some of the most difficult and awkward experiences there are. You know kind of what the person is trying to convey by body language, however the actual words are a mystery to you. Well, pick up your pair of Babel – Fish Earbuds because that problem is a thing of that past. A really cool device that translates the foreign words being spoke into the phone as they are being spoken. The person speaking the foreign language would speak into the phone, and the device will translate in real-time and speak a translated version through the headset.


Sounds Like it’s a One-Way Street


So, you’re concerned that you now know what they said, but how do you speak back to them. Well its easy. The Babel – Fish Earbuds allow you to press a button on the earpiece to speak back. Your sentences will be re-translated back to their language, and spoken through the phone. This is truly some genius technology that can break not only language barriers, but social barriers as well!

Technology is truly amazing and the people with the ideas behind them are just as so. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more advancements to translation technology over the next couple years. Until then, who know what type of tech from that movie will come next. Maybe the thinking cap that runs off of citrus could be a reality as well!

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