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Earlier this year, towards the end of May, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a public meeting on the subject of CBD (cannabidiol) products. The meeting was to “obtain scientific data and information about the safety, manufacturing, product quality, marketing, labeling, and sale of products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds.” Since, not too much has been noted upon regarding the legality of these cannabis-derived compounds. Recently, many government officials have been calling upon the FDA to increase the speed of research and law-making regarding CBD products. Until this is done, there is no guidance to know whether CBD is being lawfully marketed.


Progress So Far


Cannabis has always been a piece of debate in the United States. Due to this debate, its understandable as to why the process of a cannabis derived compound is taking longer than it should. In order for scientists and doctors to give a medical and formulated opinion, they must be undoubtedly sure. Last year, the Farm Bill of 2018 was set into legislation. This legalized hemp and all of its derivatives. As long as all said products remained under the constraint of less than .03% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). A great company that follows these guidelines is Pure Clear Hemp! Their premium CBD products show great promise!

Since said legalization, CBD products had begun surfacing. Due to the fact you are able to extract the cannabidiol from the hemp just as any other cannabis variety. The extracts of hemp are much less in concentrates of THC. The FDA however, still wishes to have all application of CBD products tested before sound decisions are made on legality. Norman Sharpless held the public hearing back in May and has made increasingly less comments on the subject since. Many questions were left unanswered back then:

“To help us evaluate these questions, as well as potential pathways for CBD products, FDA has formed an internal working group to address these data gaps specifically. You’ll be hearing more from this group in the months to come.” – Norman Sharpless


Pick up the Pace!


Moving forward into the following June. Senators were quite unhappy with the slow progress of the FDA. States understand the potential CBD has for their individual economies and markets. As well as, all the jobs that will accumulate from the CBD legalization. In order to quicken the FDA, the Cannabidiol Marijuana Research Expansion Act was put forward. This was to contribute to the manifestation of new ideas surrounding the benefits of cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds. Senators Dianne Feinstein of California, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and Brian Schatz of Hawaii were the trio that introduced the bill with plenty of more in support. Even the American Medical Association (AMA) was backing these senators:

“The AMA strongly supports the ‘Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act’ to enable legitimate research evaluating the potential efficacy and safety of medicines derived from cannabis. We applaud Sens. Feinstein, Grassley, and Schatz for their leadership in introducing this important legislation,”


CBD Products


More in Support of CBD Products!


They aren’t the only senators acting up in support of CBD research being sped up. The past two months have brought groups of senators demanding that the FDA expedite the process for testing CBD products. Last month a group of 26 bipartisan lawmakers sent a letter to the FDA asking for urgency with the matters surrounding CBD products. In their minds, the entire process seems as if they are taking their time. With better quality lives and jobs on the table, this is no time for pace. They released a letter that they sent to the FDA to make their stand noticed.

“Given the widespread availability of unregulated CBD products, growing consumer demand, and the expected surge in hemp farming in the near future, we believe that FDA must quickly act to provide legal clarity and to establish a regulatory framework that supports this exciting new opportunity,”

“Regulatory certainty will allow the legal hemp industry to flourish while opening up exciting new economic opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs in a way that protects consumers.”


Fight! For Your Right!


These senators are making the necessary stand in order to make sure the FDA truly knows this isn’t any arbitrary matter. The second group of senators these past two months have taken another stand. They demand some type of guidance because at this point the jobs are ready to be filled. The crops are ready to be harvested and used. This is no longer a matter of perfection, but to allow the use of CBD products that have shown definitive proof. Richard Blumenthal spoke to press:

“Hemp growers, manufacturers, food producers and most important, consumers, all deserve a regulatory framework that will set rules for classification, labeling, marketing, quality and other important features so that we stop the Wild West claims and make available products that are truly helpful and beneficial to consumers,”

“The treatment of pain, anxiety, inflammation, other kinds of maladies may be aided by CBD and consumers deserve the benefits of those treatments but they also deserve to know the truth about the oils, lotions, gummies and other products that are out there.”

All these CBD products could be available at a retail level soon enough! Until then, check out Pure Clear Hemp for premium CBD products of all kinds!


New York is Siding with CBD!


United States Sen. Chuck Schumer was part of the last group of senators to stand out for expediting the CBD process. He held a conference this past Wednesday to speak about the letter that they sent to the FDA. There is a lot of farm space within New York designated to farming hemp. In other words, it could soon be an epicenter for all things CBD. Schumer knows that the veil of confusion will be lifted from the CBD subject soon. Meaning, New York will be flourishing with new jobs. During his conference he stated:

“Once the feds spell out the ABCs of CBD, we can sit back and watch this promising industry grow and create jobs from one end of New York to the other,”

More states are siding with CBD products. CBD products have an extraordinary place in the future. It is not an alternative medicine, but an alternative to medicine. CBD has shown promise with aiding in PTSD, arthritis, pain relief, upset stomach and even Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no doubt that CBD will definitely aid in the near future. If you’re curious about CBD products, make sure you buy from a trusted source. Pure Clear Hemp offers a bunch of products and has all of the proper testing results available on their website!

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