Amazon Alexa has become of many peoples’ ordinary lifestyles. From your alarm clock to turning your lights on. Reminding you of calendar events and even telling you about the weather. Alexa is sometimes even the life of the party by keeping those good tunes coming. Amazon has made a staple in the world and these devices keep on coming out. Here are a bunch of items that you can have for your home that are Alexa controlled.


Amazon Alexa Controlled Televisions


Televisions have becoming more and more advanced. Smart TVs allow you the use of the internet. However, did you know that you can connect your TV to your Amazon Alexa? Throw out your remote and start controlling your television with your voice. Many television manufactures are getting on the new wave of devices that may be added to voice activated options like Alexa.


Amazon Alexa Controlled Vacuum Cleaners


Let’s be honest. After working all day, nobody wishes to come home to vacuum the hose. Embrace that leisurely lifestyle by getting an Alexa controlled vacuum cleaner. With the sound of your voice, you can command Alexa to enable your compatible vacuum cleaner to get to work. That way, you may enjoy that nice relaxing time after a long day on the job.


Amazon Alexa Controlled Lighting


Devices that have made it easier to have light in the room have been in constant development. You had the switch. Then you had a clapper. A mobile switch for lights soon followed. However, if there was a device that can use a sound such as a clapper, why not use your voice? Alexa can help you out with that as well. Just an easy request from your electronic assistant can brighten the room.


Alexa Controlled Thermostat


Winter is here. The only thing you need to be worried about in your home is comfort with the cold in the air. Alexa can help you adjust the temperature in your home without ever leaving the covers. Stay warm and let Alexa do the cold jobs so you don’t have to.

These are just a few examples of Alexa controlled devices. Amazon is constantly coming out with more ideas for accessibility in your home. Amazon Alexa will soon be your go to guide for life and ease of access at home.