A common problem nowadays, which new bloggers are facing is in generating new and innovative content which can drive visitors to their website or blog. Generating new content is quite a tough task to perform. But there is always a way when there is a will. Nowadays, there is video marketing, and it is working very well for the people who are targeting a different type of audience. Video marketing is a great source by which you can attract or drive traffic to your website, and it is a method which is untapped by most businesses, but it should not be neglected. Get video help in https://iconvert.media/.

Research shows YouTube.com currently has 1.5 billion monthly active users. The Facebook video market is also growing at immense speed. Internet users are watching online video content more than ever before. Many ask, how can video marketing can help to generate revenue? Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management explains that it is a great source, that can produce major revenues for you. This has now become a major element for generating revenues for all different sectors of business.

Everything needs to be done in a proper manner. You can’t just upload any sort of video on YouTube or other (tube) site and then expect to grow your revenue. Your video must have specific purpose and it should contain the necessary content for which it is being recorded or uploaded.

Importance of video marketing

As the world is progressing and is approaching its peak, video marketing is creeping up as the leader in marketing for the world of blogging. This marketing is dominating the online market. Statistics are proving it.

Importance of video marketing

Bloggers have to perform sufficient steps and procedures to maximize sales and to drive traffic to their website or blog because the current trend of marketing is not working well. These methods may be untapped by your competitors and you can take great advantage of it. Statistics show that YouTube and Facebook video are the top video content distributors in video marketing.

Importance of video marketing products

You can say that by the year 2018, most marketers will capitalize on video marketing. It is the right time for you to grab the gear and boost up your traffic. Now you can enter this online market world and sell more and increase the number of customers.


Facebook growth is evident too.

Facebook is showing the stats as

People are getting more involved in social media and it can greatly help you in marketing. Video marketing is dominating the online marketing world and if you want to get more traffic, generate leads and want to make greater sales, then you need to adopt the video marketing strategy now. The following are ways to show how you can sell more products or services using “how to videos”.


Feel and think like a Leader

The first and basic need you should have if you want to make the sale is to position yourself as a thought leader. Make yourself credible and work hard in your respective niche or industry so that you can tell people about everything in proper format regarding that field. The following things should be remembered about the foundation of brand loyalty.

  • Entertainment
  • Knowledge

You can gain a lot of traffic if you are providing really informative or entertaining video content. Some people like entertaining content and some prefer more informative ones. If you can combine both it becomes the perfect combination. To think as a leader is not an easy task to perform but one of the best ways to do is by consistently and regularly posting of video content regarding particular niche or subjects and perform required actions as well.


Tell people that how your product is helpful for them

Websites play an important role in communication between you and your clients. This is the main reason why you should post content intelligently on your website as to what are you selling and what products you are offering. Your content should be “crystal clear” because when someone is landing on your site for the first time, they will probably be in search of something and that thing should be easily visible or searchable to them. You have to establish your content in such a way that it tells the customers how they can use your product in their business. For this purpose, you can use “how to videos”, which are the best way to provide informative and understandable content to your new clients or potential customers.

Tell people that how your product is helpful for them

This is an example for you to make “how to videos”, and how can you set up the titles and what kind of content should be placed in your videos. By creating such videos you can promote your product or services in an elusive way and it will be also helpful for everyday use as well. Video content is great for building a progressive need for your product. If you have a product, make detailed videos on how to use the features of that product to get an end result that your users want.


Use of Social Proves for your examples

When you are building an online business, socials are essential. This is because it is very important to gain the trust of the potential clients. This can only be achieved by the help of social proof that your product or service has helped or can help others in a positive manner. By providing such examples, you can create a vision of trust in your customer’s mind that your product can help them gain that advantage. They will immediately trust you and your service. Studies show that more than 84% of people believe in online reviews when they are looking for products or services online, rather than personal recommendations.


This means that the more you leverage social proof in your how-to videos, the more likely people are to trust you and purchase from you. If you want to increase sales, including social proof is the boost that you need. You can transform your “social proves” into “how to” videos and this thing can help you greatly.


Marketers should keep in mind that the addition of social proof in their video content can enable a lot of trust and credibility amongst users who are browsing the internet for their respective content. In your videos, you have to demonstrate how your product can help them in their business and you should describe the details in an informative manner. It’s human nature that when people find out that others are gaining an advantage by using your product, they are likely as well to use your service or product.


Tools which can help you

When you are dealing with the technology, then use the technology to deal with it. Many people don’t know about the right tools to get the things done in the right way. They may use old style or old school tools which may not be so helpful. There are a lot of new tools and software which can help you to create “how to videos” quickly.

Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management has some great tips for you regarding this…

  • First, for the creation of great and informative “how to videos”, you should have a great screen-recording tool with  plenty of features.
  • That software may allow you to edit your video in the desired manner so that you can have the desired result out of it.
  • Droplr is great software which will allow you to record your screen and webcam along with audio and in high-definition quality without any charges.
  • You can add numerous extension as well for such purpose and can carry out the required task.
  • For those who have Apple computers, those computers have screen recording software built-in.
  • By using such software, you can master your online video marketing and you can boost up your traffic which will ultimately generate leads or generate revenue for you.


When you are starting a business, or working for a running one, you have to innovate new and creative ideas that can help to increase sales and revenue. A business may have to adopt a different kind of marketing strategy by which they can increase their sales or leads. That’s why according to the latest needs, video marketing is best. It is now considered as the best source for getting traffic and boosts in leads & sales.

People love to watch video content, and that’s why video marketing is getting so popular. If you want to remain in the market and want to compete with your competitors, then you will have to adopt the video marketing strategy. For that purpose, you have to adapt yourself as a thought leader and upload video content for specific niche or topics. Try to make that content informative and entertaining so that the people remain connected.

Make sure that you are providing the right and necessary content in your videos, as your videos must inform or educate people about how they can use your product or service. The “how to videos” are getting increasingly popular. People easily learn from such videos, that’s why they keep looking for such content. To save time, you can use helpful FREE software like Droplr and Biteable to help you in screen recording so that you can have a high-quality video content for your marketing. Adopt this strategy and you will have a great number of leads and sales…all because of video marketing.