There are many areas throughout the world that are so far off of the grid that there isn’t really a way to provide a reliable internet service. A few providers are indeed available; however, their service is usually costlier and of a much lesser quality. Amazon and SpaceX are currently in what can be seen as a 21st century space race to provide this reliable internet service to these off the grid areas. Their goals are to use smaller satellites that are closer to the Earth in order to maintain a higher quality internet service.


Amazon Keeps Growing


When Jeff Bezos began Amazon back in 1994, no one could have expected the global popularity and eventual market takeover. Amazon has been ceasing to amaze for the past 25 years and still continues to advance in directions that nobody is expecting. Not only do the currently run the majority of internet market sales, but they are now even attempting to supply internet to the world!


What is SpaceX?


Space Exploration Technologies Corp., otherwise known as SpaceX, is a company that resides in California. They provide space transportation and aerospace manufacturing services with their lead goal being to reduce all space cost in future hopes of the colonization of Mars. However, they have also jumped on this chance of supplying global internet to those without access to a reliable and affordable service. This company is run by Tesla founder Elon Musk.


One Global Internet Service


If all goes well with this space race, over the next decade you can be seeing a possible shift of enormous scale. With the ability to provide internet services to all of the people that are “off the grid,” the entire world would be connected by internet. Seeing as internet access has been seen as a basic human right for almost the past 10 years, this would be essential to people lacking the ability to have a reliable internet service.