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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my website be built in WordPress? Yes, all Dependable Website Management websites are built in WordPress since it is the best content management system on the market today.

What makes WordPress better than other content management systems? Besides the fact that WordPress is top of the line software, it’s Google’s favorite type of CMS, and is open source so it’s very modifiable. It also has the advantage of their extensive plugin market, which allows programmers all over the world to design and create custom plugins for WordPress. These plugins are little piece of software, that allow your web designer to modify and improve your WordPress website indefinitely by opening you up to an entire world of new features. It is this extensive plugin market that makes WordPress far superior to any other CMS currently available. The real question is, now knowing this, why would you ever develop a website on anything other than WordPress?

Where will my website be hosted if I sign up with Dependable Website Management? You can host your website anywhere you wish, but free hosting on our independent and extremely fast servers is included in your plan.

How often will Dependable Website Management update my website and social networks? We update your website and social networks six days a week, taking Sundays off.

How often will Dependable Website Management email my businesses followers/email list? We will email your list once a day, six days a week, at the time of your choosing, taking Sundays off.

Is advertising included in my monthly payment for website management? Some of our management plans include free advertising on the Print Killer Media Network one of our partners in the media. Others include Google Adwords and Facebook Ad management. Our fees cover the initial set up, and the day to day management of the accounts and campaigns. You’re however still responsible for your companies Google Adwords monthly budget, and your Facebook Ads monthly budget.

If I want a brand new website is that included in my website management plan? Yes, of course it is, this is a concierge website management plan. Everything is included all you have to do is ask.

What if I want a mobile theme for my website, so it shows up well on cell phones and tablets, is that also included? Yes, mobile themes, are include in all Dependable Website Management plans.

Is website security included in my website management plan? Yes, internet security has become more and more important these days. That’s why we include web security software, and free hack clean outs in all Dependable Website Management Plans. 

Is Search Engine Optimization Included in My Website Management Plan? Yes, At Dependable Website Management we are experts at onsite and offsite SEO, and we will utilize both to make sure your website gets to the top of the search results as fast as possible.

Will SEO software be used on my website? Yes, your management plan includes Yoast SEO software, Google News feed software, and XML sitemaps software. All are white hat, and will significantly help the search engine bots find and accurately display your website. In some cases we may also use Super Caching software to improve your websites speed, which is also a major factor in SEO.

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