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Dependable Website ManagementAt Dependable Website Management, we recognize that increasing competition for market share in the legal profession has intensified as the financial pressure on firms of all sizes from sole practitioners to large multi-state firms has gone up. Law firms competing in a more challenging legal market have employed a range of strategies to obtain a competitive edge, such as merging with other firms, diversifying specialty areas and developing more effective marketing strategies. The strategy of improving marketing effectiveness is the most common approach because it does not require fundamental changes to a law firm’s structure, operation or areas of practice.

Effective Web-Based Marketing Strategies Have Replaced Traditional Legal Marketing Approaches at most Law Firms

Most law firms now recognize that an effective online presence has become the foundation of a profitable attorney marketing strategy because lawyers must appeal to increasingly more sophisticated consumers.  Consumers now want real information about the attorneys they retain, so 30 second television spots, Yellow Pages blurbs, newspaper print ads and similar forms of marketing have become increasingly ineffective.

The decline of these traditional forms of marketing have magnified the importance of online promotion as the cornerstone of a law firm’s marketing strategy.  However, web marketing is far more complex than print advertising because of the diversity of online marketing tools, which include but are not limited to law firm websites, pay per click advertising, organic search engine optimization, online legal directories, legal blogging and more.

Internet Strategies Designed to Provide Legal Branding and Generate Higher Value Cases for Attorneys and Law Firms

Each form of online legal marketing offers a different mix of advantages and disadvantages, so our legal marketing professionals at DWM work with you to develop a holistic solution that will accomplish your law firm branding objectives while increasing revenue.  While other web design or search engine optimization (SEO) companies focus on web traffic, unique visitors and similar metrics, we know that the numbers that matter are retained clients.

Why Is DWM the Best Choice for Your Internet Marketing Services?

When you retain a website design or SEO firm, the company might be excellent at its singular area of expertise, but the most effective website marketing strategies involve a variety of unique skills and services.  A website that is pleasing to the eye and intuitive to navigate offers little value if enough people do not find your law firm when conducting searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other search engines.  While SEO experts like to impress law firms with statistics involving unique visitors, we know that law firms want telephone calls, emails and office visits from perspective clients rather than esoteric web traffic reports.  When clients get to your website, the content must be engaging, informative and speak to the concerns of the clients, in order to convert them into new clients.

At DWM, we offer the full range of web-based marketing services necessary to deliver an effective end-to-end Internet-based strategy for promoting law firms. We base our approach to each client’s situation on a careful analysis of the needs and goals of our clients.  Whether you are late in developing a web-based marketing campaign or you are less than satisfied with how you stack up with your competition, we can customize a marketing solution carefully tailored to your unique circumstances and budget.

Offering the Full Range of Internet Marketing Services and Strategies for the Legal Field

Law firms often are led astray by companies that have a limited range of services because these companies attempt to persuade attorneys that their firm just happens to need the exact service offered by the company.  Because we have the expertise and ability to provide the full range of internet marketing solutions for attorneys, we craft a solution based on your specific needs and objectives.

Web Design:  Many people pay tens of thousands of dollars for web designs that have a compelling sophisticated appearance.  While aesthetics certainly are important, companies that focus entirely on website design usually have a limited understanding of the coding and optimization required to maximize performance in web searches.  The most visually appealing law firm website is not worth much if it does not perform well in searches and generate a high volume of traffic.  The information your website provides is at least as important, as the look and feel of your law firm website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  Traffic to your website might look impressive based on an SEO spreadsheet report, but traffic only matters if it converts into revenue on your law firm’s spreadsheet.  When you want organic search results that have your law firm on the first page of Google and other popular search engines for relevant key terms, content is king.  Google constantly modifies its algorithms to create a more positive user experience.  The most recent shift in focus from Google has been to focus on quality content that provides useful information to consumers.  We work with experienced writers who understand the law and Google, so your website will perform well in the search engines.  Our SEO experts understand how to use this insightful consumer-oriented content to improve your search results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management: An increasing number of law firms are electing to use PPC campaigns to improve their search results.  Although this form of legal marketing can be an effective way to drive clients to your website, it can be expensive and unproductive if your PPC campaigns are not properly managed.  The most sought after terms might be too expensive to generate a sufficient return on investment while terms that are too obscure might not generate much traffic.  The challenges associated with running an effective PPC campaign is complicated by the risk of having your budget depleted by companies looking to sell you products through your keywords.  Our PPC management professionals have helped many law firms of all sizes improve their ROI with more effective PPC strategies.

Website Marketing Websites: If you have been looking into attorney marketing for your law firm, there is a good chance you have stumbled across a range of companies that promote law firms through directories, rating schemes and similar devices.  Some of these programs include AVVO®,®, SuperLawyers®, LegalMatch® and Findlaw® just to list a few examples.  These programs range widely in price, services and effectiveness.  Few law firms can afford to waste marketing dollars on programs that do not work.  If you investigate any of these types of programs on your own, you will learn that their sales representatives all tell you that their programs work.  What else are they going to tell you?  Our team has practical experience with virtually all of the legal marketing programs out there, so we can provide objective information and a candid evaluation before you put your marketing dollars at-risk.

The best designed attorney marketing programs leverage the synergy of multiple web marketing tools to reinforce each other, so the entire marketing effort is more than the sum of its parts.  DWM offers a free consultation so that we can discuss your goals and assess your needs.  We are committed to creating marketing plans that provide the greatest return for our clients’ marketing dollars.  Whether you are building a law firm website or searching for strategies to improve the results of your online marketing efforts, our helpful legal marketing professionals are ready to help.

For a free quote please give us a call at (954) 740-7900 or send a quote request to our team here.

Marketing powered by Wikipedia

Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand. The oldest – and perhaps simplest and most natural form of marketing – is ‘word of mouth’ (WOM) marketing, in which consumers convey their experiences of a product, service or brand in their day-to-day communications with others. These communications can of course be either positive or negative. In recent times, the internet has provided a platform for mass, electronic WOM marketing (e-WOM), with consumers actively engaged in rating and commenting on goods and services.

In for-profit enterprise the main purpose of marketing is to increase product sales and therefore the profits of the company. In the case of nonprofit marketing, the aim is to increase the take-up of the organisation’s services by its consumers or clients. Governments often employ social marketing to communicate messages with a social purpose, such as a public health or safety message, to citizens. In for-profit enterprise marketing often acts as a support for the sales team by propagating the message and information to the desired target audience.

Marketing techniques include choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding consumer behavior and advertising a product’s value to the customer.

From a societal point of view, marketing provides the link between a society’s material requirements and its economicpatterns of response.

Marketing satisfies these needs and wants through the development of exchange processes and the building of long-term relationships.

Marketing can be considered a marriage of art and applied science (such as behavioural sciences) and makes use ofinformation technology.

Marketing is applied in enterprise and organisations via marketing management techniques.

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