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Dependable Website ManagementWhat is a 508 Compliant Design?

Well designed websites include a number of elements aside from an eye catching layout. One of those elements is called section 508 compliance, which ensures that the site is accessible to users who suffer from disabilities. Our recognized software designers will ensure that your site meets all of the requirements for complying with this important web mandate.

Section 508 Explained

Section 508 is a part of U.S. code that requires all governmental agencies, and those that contract with them, to meet a minimal standard of accessibility for disabled persons. The standards apply not only to websites but also programs, apps and other electronic data. Although not a requirement for private agencies, 508 is a standard business practice in web design and a critical component of professional sites. In addition, your site must be compliant if you ever decide to work with a government entity.

508 Compliance Design

The law lists 16 core areas of site design that are required to meet this standard. Here are just a few of the basic design concepts it covers.

  • Insertion of text labels or descriptions for all graphics, images and text links.
  • Use of proper color contrasting to account for those with limited vision or that are color blind.
  • Use of fonts and sizes that allows users to easily enlarge screens.
  • Simple and clear navigational cues, including header hierarchy and menu setup to provide ease of access for those using a screen reader to navigate rather than a traditional mouse.
  • Synchronized captions for all videos, flash and other multimedia presentations to assist the hearing impaired.

These are just a few of the areas that must be met to comply with section 508 of the U.S. code. Not only will our trusted experts implement these items in your site, we will also take care of the more complicated coding requirements as well. Our services include the following:

Full section 508 compliance review and implementation for governmental agencies, nonprofits and corporate clients. We offer detailed analysis of your current website’s compliance along with a detailed explanation of additional needs to bring it up to code.

Implementation of needed changes and guidance on future development needs to stay in compliance.

Section 508 Powered by Wikipedia:

In 1998 the US Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 was enacted to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. The law applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508 (29 U.S.C. § 794d), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others.

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